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Participants fall into the categories:

  1. US citizens attending the conference,
  2. US citizens attending the conference and tours on the ORNL reservation,
  3. Non-US citizens attending the conference.

Those in category 1 need only to arrive at the conference and present picture ID to receive their badges.

Those in category 2 and 3 must submit an ORNL Personnel Access System (PAS) request. Please submit your full name and preferred email address in the fields supplied below, and a PAS invitation will be sent to you in 24-48 hours. If you do not receive a PAS invitation in this time period, please contact

Please note that all non-citizens planning to attend the conference must submit their PAS request information by Feb. 14th, 2020. You DO NOT have to be registered to submit your PAS request information.



Those non-citizens who wish to participate in NETS 2020, but also require visas, please contact to request an invitation letter. Please place “NETS 2020 invitation letter” in the subject.